Inspiring perspectives and stories that helped to create a positive impact within Arab societies are to be shared at the latest regional event by the pioneering TEDinArabic initiative – established by Qatar Foundation and TED – to unlock, identify and amplify ideas in the Arabic language.

Under the theme Dare to Discover, the event – also available online – will be hosted by the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Ben Guerir, Morocco, on Tuesday, 13 October, featuring leading TED speakers.

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This is the third regional event to be held since TEDinArabic – TED’s first initiative in the Arabic language – was launched in 2020, reflecting the shared belief of Qatar Foundation and TED in the power of ideas and their ability to transform the world.

This is also part of Qatar Foundation’s commitment to preserving and promoting the Arabic language, culture and identity. The partnership will see a flagship TEDinArabic Summit in Doha, in March 2023, where the best ideas to emerge from the initiative’s Idea Search that stretches across the Arabic-speaking world will be showcased in the form of TED Talks in Arabic language.

TED speakers at the TEDinArabic Morocco event include

  • Dr Hayat Sindi, one of the world’s leading bio-technologists from Saudi Arabia and a global champion of science and technology. His accomplishments included convening a programme to provide affordable diagnostic devices for people in impoverished regions;
  • Moroccan civil engineer and architect Aziza Chaouni whose work focuses on creating sustainable environments in the developing world;
  • Dr Charles Mouhaned Malek from Syria, a researcher in molecular and cellular biology and oncology
  • Lebanese author, poet and advocate for the Arabic language, Suzanne Talhouk

The event will be moderated by Al Jazeera journalist and presenter Errammach Mohamed.

The Morocco event will feature a series of interactive workshops curated by Afikra, a global organisation that promotes the diversity and richness of Arab culture and heritage. These will focus on topics including social entrepreneurship, Arab history and street art.

Among those attending the event and participating in the workshops are a group of 80 young people from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Tunisia, and Jordan. They have been sponsored to attend the event by Qatar Museums. TEDinArabic Morocco will also include activations and a performance by a local artist.

TEDinArabic Idea Search

The TEDinArabic Idea Search is a mission to unearth big and bold ideas from the Arabic-speaking world, with applications open until 31 October to anyone fluent in Arabic and wants to share their ideas on the TEDinArabic stage at next year’s flagship summit in Qatar.

From innovation, leadership and economic theory to science, the arts, personal experiences and many other fields and topics, the TEDinArabic Idea Search is seeking fresh ideas that will be relevant, interesting and surprising to a curious, educated global audience.

To find out more about what an idea worthy of sharing on the TEDinArabic stage should look like, and to apply, visit To register for the in-person or virtual attendance at the TEDinArabic Morocco event, click here. The event will be streamed live on the YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels of Qatar Foundation.

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