FIA Annual General Assembly, which is taking place from 1 to 5 December 2014 at The St. Regis Doha, continues for the second day with meetings of the subsidiary committees.

The most prominent meeting of the day is the consultant council meeting for FIA to authorise clubs and federations to discuss the projects submitted by them. These subsidiary meetings are considered preliminary to the main meeting of FIA on Friday, the Annual General Assembly, where all aspects related to motor sport and all ways of promotion will be discussed before voting at the last session to be officially approved.

On the other side, all clubs and federations present at the FIA Annual General Assembly expressed a positive reaction for the organisation carried out by Qatar, represented by the Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF), which confirms that Qatar has taken over the leadership in organising a great sport event in international level.

Vice President Malaysia club for Automobile, Wan Zaharuddin, said:

I am very glad to be here in Doha to attend this celebration, which is considered the real start for the future of motor sport in the Middle East. It’s not strange to have such a wonderful organisation, because we have a leading character such as Al Attiyah who always goes in parallel with the renaissance the motor sport is currently living all over the world since he took the responsibility, we as Asian federations, we must meet these tasks efficiently in order to achieve our target’.

According to Zaharuddin, Qatar today became a leader in many fields due to the great efforts exerted by QMMF in both auto and motor bike levels. He said:

I would like to confirm that in Malaysia, we will support this direction led by Nasser Al Attiyah.’

President of Automobile Club of Portugal, Carlos Barbosa, said:

There is a hard work noticed in each visit to Qatar I do and also I notice a brilliant progress administratively and technically carried out by Al Attiyah, QMMF President, and every one that belongs to this federation, which managed to pass quickly to the globalisation. We all know that Al Attiyah as FIA Vice President can do a lot to the world in general and to the region in particular. I am personally appreciate him too much and appreciate his ambitions to do more achievements in the name of Qatar. We are living today for the first time one of moments that Qatar is celebrating – FIA meetings- which is considered a positive indicator for the progress that Qatar is living. I was also impressed by the level of organisation that will be absolutely praised by everyone’.

Barbosa stated that Motorsport became not only a sport but a culture as well, and Al Attiyah is paying much care for the safety aspects which are very important, such actions were rarely cared before.

ASN Coordinator – Auto mobile & Touring Club of Lebanon, Imad Lahoud, said:

Today, we became advanced technically and administratively after this dream has come true throughout hosting this international event (FIA General Assembly Meetings) by Qatar – through which we managed to express our love for the game in MENA. This clear expression would not have come, unless we have a leading character such as Al Attiyah, FIA Vice President & QMMF President. The big number of international event that Qatar is currently living  is a quite evident proof for these successes, and was crowned with the meeting of the Annual General Assembly on Qatar, which will be the real start for a brilliant future. In the Lebanon Club, we will completely support the efforts of Al Attiyah for more successes and development of the motor sport in MENA. It’s not me who is expressing this reality, it’s The St. Regis Hotel that hosts FIA meetings under the title of development and progress, under a wise strategy and good cooperation plan of FIA clubs and federations, where a positive reaction for the motor sport in the region will be revealed in the next few days.

The 2014 FIA Annual General Assembly sees the participation of 163 members representing 116 countries and around 800 guests together with international media.

Don’t miss the FIA Prize Giving and Karting Challenge tomorrow Thursday 4 December 2014 at Katara Cultural Village from 6 pm to 9:30 pm.