Qatar is home to some of the most qualified young ‘global citizens’ of the world, not only by virtue of their inclusive culture as either expats or locals welcoming expats, but also by virtue of the values and principles promoted in a place such as this.

Continuing a well-established tradition, Doha College Model United Nation (DCMUN) hosted a large conference that brought together over 600 students from 18 schools and took part over three days of presenting, lobbying and deliberating. Apart from polishing students’ public speaking, negotiation, leadership and communication skills, the conference brought into focus many burning issues of today. The theme this year was ‘Humanity’s Legacy’, and the 40 issues discussed were grouped into 13 categories such as ‘Disarmament and International Security’, ‘Economic and Financial’, ‘Social, Humanitarian and Cultural’, ‘Legal’, ‘Environment Commission’, ‘International Atomic Energy Agency’ and more. A few examples of thorny and poignant issues like ‘Organ Trade in the Black Market’, ‘Exploitation of People in Areas of Armed Conflict’, ‘Pulp Mills on the River Uruguay’, ‘Poaching and its Consequences on Biodiversity’ give an idea of the deep and comprehensive nature of the conference.

The DCMUN conference enjoyed the contribution of a high-profile keynote speaker, namely Al Jazeera journalist Kamahl Santamaria. The entire organisation of the event was carried out by Doha College students, watched over at arm’s length by a team of teachers.