Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar) recently held a special event to honour the students whose excellent academic skills and hard work earned them a place on the Dean’s List.

The Dean’s List is a recognition of superior academic performance and only students with a Grade Point Average of 3.5 qualify. Of the 103 outstanding Dean’s list students; 18 are freshmen, 31 are sophomores, 17 are juniors and 37 are seniors.

The families of the students were also in attendance for the special occasion as the students were awarded certificates honouring their outstanding academic achievements.

Dr Donald Baker, the Executive Dean at VCUarts Qatar, welcomed the students and their families, saying:

It is an honour to be on the Dean’s List and an honour for us to welcome you and your families here. As students on the Dean’s List, you set an example and set the standard for all other students.’

Certificates of Appreciation were also awarded at the event to four graduates from the Class of 2018 who were recently recognized at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s Excellence Awards. The graduates were Noof Khalid M. A. Al Heidous, Hissa A Al Hail, Al Jazi Khalid Al-Thani, and Sara Haider A A Mashhadi.

VCUarts Qatar

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