Two pupils from Doha English Speaking School (DESS), Imogen and Rory Walker, have been busy baking and making homemade drinks to raise money for the Orbis and Qatar Charity joint fundraising campaign – Doha English Speaking School’s chosen initiative in 2017.

Imogen and Rory decided they would like to sell their wares, banana muffins, cookies and homemade lemonade, in their neighbourhood. As Imogen and Rory had received gifts recently, they decided that any money they made should be used for charity and their chosen charity would be Qatar Creating Vision.

Rory Walker said:

We sold our cupcakes and lemonade to help people who can’t see’.

Imogen Walker added:

We already have lots of pocket money and I wanted to help other people.’

Imogen and Rory planned a price list and a marketing plan which involved making signs, sending messages to their neighbours and doing the old fashion ‘word of mouth’. The sale was a great success, all items were sold within one hour of going on sale. Imogen and Rory are very grateful to their generous neighbours who donated money.

Sean Sibley, Head Teacher, said:

I am delighted to find out about Imogen’s and Rory’s extremely kind gesture. It is always so refreshing when children show such initiative and work hard for such a good cause. Both children worked very hard to raise money towards Orbis and Qatar Charity and I know the NGOs involved really appreciate their hard work. We all thank Imogen and Rory for their thoughtfulness and hard work.’

Florence Branchu, Head of Partnerships for the Qatar Creating Vision initiative said:

Visual impairment may prevent a person or a child from reaching their full potential or a full life within their community, which can lead to a cycle of poverty. We want to break this cycle by providing access to eye care and give people back their independence. The Orbis and Qatar Charity joint fundraising campaign aligns with the Qatar Creating Vision initiative, supported by the Qatar Fund for Development, which will provide 5.5 million eye screenings and treatments to children in India and Bangladesh by 2020. It is truly inspiring to witness young pupils like Imogen and Rory play their part in our fight against blindness and we are proud to be Doha English Speaking School’s chosen initiative!’