Doha English Speaking School (DESS) was honoured to be part of the Team Qatar Flag Relay event hosted and organised by the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) in celebration of Qatar’s National Day.

Students from DESS were given the privilege of becoming official flag bearers of the flag that will be taken to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics representing Qatar.

The Flag Relay 2019 edition is very special for Team Qatar as they have witnessed a year filled with successes and achievements. With Tokyo 2020 around the corner Team Qatar will be participating with the rest of the world in the Olympic Games.

Flag Relay DESS Qatar 3This year’s flag, will be transported and held by various members of the communities before it reaches its final destination when it will be taken to Tokyo. It will remain there until the arrival of the Team Qatar delegation in Tokyo in 2020. The Flag Relay 2019 edition will witness 5000 people carrying the flag which makes it the biggest flag relay ever recorded in terms of numbers.

The flag arrived on Thursday morning with its delegation to a party atmosphere on the DESS field where 700 pupils had gathered to cheer on their classmates as the flag was presented by Qatari hurdler Mariam Farid to Deputy Headteacher Charlotte Malloy, who ran the first leg of the relay for DESS. Two hundred Year 5 and Year 6 students ran one by one and in unison as crowds of children watched. This made for a colourful spectacle as children dressed in the colours of their home countries celebrating International Week.

Flag Relay DESS Qatar 3