Daman Health Insurance Qatar has teamed up with the Qatar Diabetes Association to raise awareness of the incidence and prevalence of diabetes amongst residents of Qatar.


A joint initiative for diabetes awareness which coincides with the holy month of Ramadan where Daman Qatar in cooperation with the Qatar Diabetes Association has made available a helpline toll-free number: 800-4357 to answer residents’ queries on diabetes and related matters by giving them the names and numbers of medical professionals who are available to answer residents’ calls, providing practical advice on how residents may optimise energy and blood sugar levels before, during, and after their daily Ramadan fast.

Daman Health Insurance is a specialist health insurer in Qatar offering a full range of private medical insurance products and services to Small to Medium Enterprise, Corporate and Governmental customers in Qatar. Established in July 2011, Daman Health Insurance Qatar is registered with the Qatar Financial Centre and headquartered in Doha.

This helpline will be available during each day of Ramadan 24/7.

For more information, visit Daman Health Insurance Qatar’s website.