Latest update: Turkish Airlines offers 1,528 weekly flights to 160 destinations worldwide starting 1 July. Please check out the link to their Current Flight Plan below.

After the disruption in flight services because of the coronavirus pandemic, Turkish Airlines started to once again fly this June.

As a result of meticulous work with national and international health authorities, the airline has regained the strength to once again fly, equipped with healthier and safer standards.

We are returning to the sky. As of June, we are pleased to welcome you to safe travels on an expanded number of international and domestic flights. Our objective is to keep you safe throughout your trip with a socially distant, contactless and hygienic travel experience. We provide extra flexible rights for tickets, to accommodate changes in your travel schedule. You can begin planning new trips by reviewing our expanded flight plan. 

Check their Current Flight Plan for schedules, destinations and flight frequency. To view their flexible flight offers, visit this PAGE for updates and more details.

Turkish Airlines June Flights

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