Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), will hold its international conference on ‘Parenting, Child Well-being and Development’ at the Qatar National Convention Centre, on 23-24 October. The event is in collaboration with UNICEF-MENARO.

The conference will highlight the importance of investing in parents and parenting strategies, programmes, laws, and policies at all levels. It will identify the different approaches adopted by governments around the world to support parents and promote positive parenting practices. The conference will also present and discuss evidence on the main challenges facing parents and possible responses to them.

It will promote parenting-specific policies and programmes to support parents and caregivers. In addition, it will identify and showcase examples of evidence-based and innovative parenting programmes from around the world.

The DIFI International Conference will propose section themes on parenting matters, including supporting working parents, parenting in humanitarian settings, and parental conflict and absence. In addition to the opportunities and challenges of parenting in the digital era, investing in parenting education programmes, parenting children living with disabilities and behavioural problems, and parenting across the Arab region.

The event will provide a platform for policy-makers, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of civil society organisations from around the world to discuss and debate parenting issues and propose interventions to support parenting. For more information, visit

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