The Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), a member of Qatar Foundation, is set to host a one-day event titled ‘Family Policy Symposium: Child Wellbeing in Qatar’ this Wednesday, 2 October, at Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC).

The event, which is open to the public, is in collaboration with the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs in Qatar and UNICEF.

DIFI Executive Director Dr Sharifa Noaman Al Emadi said the symposium is timely due to the increased awareness and interest of practitioners, researchers, and policymakers in understanding children’s physical, psychological, social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and cultural wellbeing.

The event will explore policies and programmes that address a range of aspects, including early childhood, child development, safety, social relationships, psychological and cognitive wellbeing, empowerment and agency, as well as their synergy in examining the wellbeing of children.

The symposium aims to build on the success of DIFI’s previous activities and events, such as its international conference titled ‘Parenting, Child Wellbeing and Development’ which, held in 2018, was organised in partnership with the UNICEF MENA office, and was in alignment and in support of Qatar’s Second National Development Strategy 2018-2022.’

DIFI will present its study on child wellbeing in the Gulf during the event. The report provides a contextually appropriate approach and framework for child wellbeing and a systematic evidence review of wide-range indicators, policies, and programmes to promote child wellbeing.

Topics which will be covered will focus on child wellbeing at school, child health, and protection from abuse and neglect, as well as associated challenges. The role of research in shaping policy and practice and promoting positive wellbeing among children in Qatar will also be addressed.

DIFI is a global policy and advocacy institute working to advance knowledge on Arab families through research and promote evidence-based polices at a national, regional, and international level. For updates and more information about the symposium, visit the DIFI website at