An entertaining yet religious app for the young Muslim audience has been recently developed for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Islamic Coloring Book is Muslim world’s only digital colouring book with embedded qualities of being interactive, entertaining and educative with special focus on Islamic education specifically Islamic culture, traditions and contemporary art. With over 200 plus sketches of architecturally appealing mosques, unique Arabic calligraphy and other similar Islamic categories, the user is bound to learn while being entertained simultaneously.

The Islamic Coloring Book is created by a team of young students from Pakistan, who work under Ali Raza, an experienced programmer and designer in addition to being the world’s only Adobe certified trainer with over 100+ certificates and Pakistan’s only Adobe certified Trainer. The team specialises in the development of both mobile and desktop applications with a special focus on Islamic historical, contemporary and cultural art and traditions. In addition, the team intends to impart knowledge through their interactive Islamic games, Infotainment and IQ enhancing features to both children and adults alike.


Colour, decorate and learn about the world’s most famous mosques and more exciting Islamic categories all in one go. Download this IQ enhancing Islamic app that allows you to explore your artistic potential.

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