Long time Doha-based Italian artist Sabrina Puppin is set to conquer the New York art world in four exhibitions – three solo shows and one group show – within a period of four months. 

Distorted RealityHer first solo show in New York, Distorted Reality, is set to open this December at the Cluster Gallery, while The 14th Annual Small Work group show is also set to open this December at Gallery 440.

Next year in February, Puppin will herald another solo exhibiton, Visual Meditation, at the Chashama Gallery Space in the heart of Manhattan. This show will include a series of paintings that crosses structure and surface. The Playground Project Space meanwhile will host Moving to Abstraction 2008-2018 in March 2019, a ten-year retrospective of Puppin’s work that were mostly created in Doha.

Puppin’s Art

Fascinated by Stephen Hawking’s question: How do we know we have the true, undistorted picture of reality, Puppin’s art depicts a visionary space, defined by fluid, abstract forms and glossy hyper-colourful paints that seemingly create its own reality. Puppin is a former realistic painter.

Her work is a visual interpretation of reality where she attempts to understand and appreciate abstraction as a phenomenon of perception and inclusion in reality, where each and every perception by anyone is a valid attempt to understand the truth.

The retrospective exhibition, Moving to Abstraction 2008-2018 will feature the experimental phase of her transition from realism to abstraction when she moved to Qatar. It will include a personal investigation of cultural representation through the integration of original handmade textiles into the paintings, as well as photographs, sculptures, and drawings by the artist.

Sabrina Puppin’s work has been exhibited in various countries around the world. For updates and more information about her, visit sabrinapuppin.com. You can also follow her on Instagram, @sabrinapuppin.