Doha British School Ain Khaled is pleased to celebrate winning the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award from the Earthna Centre for a Sustainable Future. Earthna represents the largest global sustainable school programme in Qatar.

It is an honour to be awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award as it is internationally recognised and demonstrates an appreciation of the school’s commitment to becoming more sustainable, educating students about sustainability. The student-led committee helped facilitate events and opportunities that explore solutions to environmental challenges.

The initiatives focused on Reducing Waste and Litter, Reducing Energy Use and Increasing Biodiversity. Students have audited where environment and sustainability are taught across the curriculum, resulting in discussions and improvements across all subjects, ensuring that there were opportunities for rich discussions surrounding awareness of the global environmental issues faced and environmental literacy.

According to Emily Walles-Butler, Geography Teacher/Yellow Falcons House Leader, their participation in Climate Awareness Week and Qatar Sustainability Week helped them get the Green Flag.

These included many events which were all student-led and involved the whole community. We also have Lights Out Thursdays where students across primary and secondary encourage teachers to teach using only natural light.

She added that students were busy campaigning for new recycling bins and litter monitors and increasing engagement in saving energy across the whole school. She said that now, there are bird feeders across the school and the committee is creating a greenhouse made out of recycled materials.

DBS would like to congratulate everyone involved in the process of achieving the Green Flag accreditation.

This is only the beginning as the school continues to develop projects and create new student-led projects to improve sustainability. Special recognition goes to all members of the Eco-School Committee, including staff, parents and students.

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