A symphony of colour, texture and shape was unveiled at Doha College when the Annual Art Exhibition opened its doors

This year, the exhibition displayed paintings, fashion and textile design, film, 3D and product design, photography, sketching and other creations in a variety of media. The exhibits were the result of the inspiration and hard work of (I)GCSE and A-level students, who created the artworks as part of their examinations.

Opened officially by Maral J. Bedoyan, Deputy Director of Learning and Outreach at Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art, the art evening drew visitors from Qatar business and cultural spheres, including representatives from Qatar Museums, Oil and Gas Companies, design and film production companies, leading universities in Qatar, governors, parents, teachers and students.

In her opening speech Ms Bedoyan said:

I am delighted to be a part of this celebration of Art this evening. Our relationship with Doha College extends back to 2011, and shows the emphasis Mathaf and Qatar Museums put on practicing art, on creative learning, and providing students with the space to exhibit and show their work. The opportunity to work with students and teachers like Doha College and other schools across Qatar gives us meaning and supports.’

Annabel Forde, one of the exhibitors, explained more about her final Year 11 piece:

In these final photographs, I studied colour psychology and how colour represents emotions. I was the model and also directed the work. I wanted to show how humans through their individual experiences have so many emotions and therefore colours, which I actually then painted onto my face.’

Another Year 11 student, Lulwa Al Nasser had created pieces based on the common misinterpretation of religion and culture:

I feel these elements are always tied together and I think they shouldn’t be. I took the cultural aspects, the ‘bisht’ worn by Qatari women, the traditional jewellery and other cultural and traditional objects and then I used Photoshop to add in calligraphic religious phrases that we use before we eat, before we pray.’

A Year 11 Design & Technology student, Oliver Flynn, had created a Chinese Lamp using wood, acrylic, fabric and LED lights:

We had to design a product for a specific client and their needs around the theme of culture. The hardest part of this project was concealing all the wiring in the light base which meant I had to route out channels for each wire.’

Mrs Louise Rippon, a parent explained how she felt watching her son’s work. My son Harvey, studies Media, and has produced the documentary film “Trabah”, which follows the Pilipino community in Doha.” She explained, “I watched him in the process of making it. It’s been a very long journey and many re-edits and many re-shootings and early mornings to get all the footage that they needed. He’s been very dedicated and passionate and it shows in what he’s doing.”

Ferhan Khan, Head of Art & Photography at Doha College commented:

I would like to extend a personal thanks to Maral and her team at Mathaf, who have been a huge support to Doha College this year and provided our students with an amazing experience to work in the Mathaf galleries. The work on display is the culmination of hard work and passion shown by our students and staff. Our students’ are exceptionally talented, that excellence and growth mind-set is fostered and encouraged by a team of specialists, their teachers, who work tirelessly to provide the tools, direction and stimulus that results in the work you see on display here this evening.’

Art and creativity at Doha College have been very well supported this year thanks to the InterContinental Doha the City Hotel. James Young, General Manager of the InterContinental Doha the City explained why the hotel had chosen to support the Arts:

It gives us great pleasure to support this great initiative by Doha College.’

‘We are always ready to promote and support local talent, especially the students and younger generations, and these kinds of events are important in nurturing the growth of the budding artists with providing them with an opportunity to learn more about the industry and have their work be appreciated by the local community.’

Doha College offers courses in Art, Photography, Product Design, Product Design Textiles and Media from (I)GCSE through to A Level. Students who studied these subjects at Doha College were accepted at top universities world-wide, including The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Yale University in the USA and the University of British Columbia in Canada.

For more information, visit the Doha College website.