Doha College EdutainmentAndrew Jeffrey is a British maths teacher and magician based in Brighton. The mathematical genius was invited to Doha College to teach students and provide additional learning exercises to add value to the curriculum.

Jeffrey, the self-titled ‘Mathamagician’, aims to teach children the subject of mathematics in a more accessible way. He emphasises that maths is far easier than a lot of students believe and therefore through crafty patterns and clever tricks he can build children’s confidence by showing how simple maths can be. Jeffrey said:

I have been teaching maths for around 20 years and discovered that magic was an incredibly useful tool for teaching children how to think about maths. The Magic Maths show has been running for about 10 years and it has grown into a global initiative. In the past few months I’ve been to Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, Mumbai and now Qatar. Doha College students were highly attentive and a pleasure to present to.’

The presentation consisted of Andrew playing mind tricks on the Year 8 and 9 students, misleading them into solving complicated mental maths. He also performed maths inspired card tricks including visual magic to entertain the audience. The passionate performer received a fantastic response from the crowd throughout and the students were highly enthused and entertained.

Head of Mathematics at Doha College, Joanne Conly, said:

When the mathematics department heard that Andrew Jeffery was going to be in Qatar, we looked at it as an excellent opportunity for our students to have some extra enrichment in mathematics. Whilst students at Doha College are in general keen on the subject, it is an invaluable lesson to learn that mathematics is not just about answers but about the wondering and pattern spotting behind critical thinking. The students were griped and fascinated from the start. Through lots of laughter and jokes the concepts of mathematical thought came across and the students were still discussing Andrew’s show throughout the day.’

Doha College strive to add value to the curriculum and always look for fun and interactive methods to educate and engage all of our students. Bringing guests such as Andrew Jeffrey to Doha College is a great example of this creative approach to learning.