Doha College marked International Women’s Day this week by expressing heartfelt thanks to the women of their community – their nurses, their crisis communications team and their front office staff who have been at the forefront of managing the COVID-19 pandemic within their school.

Over the past year, these women reassured parents and staff, answered thousands of questions, managed to re-arrange student and staff attendance with the precision and speed of air traffic controllers, arranged testing when needed and, most of all, protected the community.

The late-night and weekend work, the reach within the community, the lengths to which these women went to make sure that children missed as little as possible of the school experience make them true heroes. The school also thanked their female teaching staff, mothers and carers who supported blended learning and made themselves available at a moment’s notice every time the need arose.

Doha College Principal Dr Steffen Sommer who expressed his thoughts on the occasion said that the school celebrated this year’s International Women’s Day with great pride. He said that the women of their community have been a pivot of Doha College’s 40-year history, with inclusion and equality always at the forefront.

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