Doha College, one of the oldest international schools in Qatar, has taken a significant step towards the future of high-stakes examinations by continuing to be involved in the Pearson Edexcel onscreen examination pilot since its inception in 2020. Spearheaded by the English Department at Doha College, this commitment showcases the school’s dedication to embracing ever-evolving assessment practices.

In the summer of 2022, Year 11 students at Doha College completed their first official onscreen IGCSE English Language examination. The subsequent summer of 2023 witnessed both English Language and Literature IGCSE examinations transition to onscreen format, reflecting Doha College’s proactive approach to evolving assessment practices.

For the first time this year, Doha College is thrilled to offer Year 12 exams onscreen for both English Language and Literature, as Pearson Edexcel have expanded their onscreen offering for the summer 2024 series. Although the traditional written paper method remains an option, most of the cohort is anticipated to embrace the onscreen format.

The benefits of onscreen exams for Doha College students are vast and include:

  • Enhanced proofreading and editing capabilities – it is easier to proofread and edit onscreen than on paper.
  • Faster and more efficient exam experience – typing speed for students tend to be superior to writing speed.
  • Flexibility in structuring answers – onscreen exams allow for different ways of thinking about answers e.g. writing all ideas first and then going back and expanding these into a full essay.
  • Improved confidence in expressing ideas – the ability to modify ideas, which is not possible on paper, can boost students’ confidence. If an idea is crossed through on a written paper, an examiner will still see it which can be intimidating for some students.
  • Alignment with the current English curriculum – in classrooms, there is an emphasis on technology integration to support learning.
  • Verified feedback before final exams – mock exams sat in the onscreen mode of entry are marked by the exam board, giving teachers and students verified feedback from the board prior to their final exams.
  • Better preparations for final exams – exam board marking and feedback from mocks are utilised by teachers to enable students to make progress towards the final exams.

Doha College continues to dedicate itself to cultivating an environment of innovation and adaptability, shaping students for success in the dynamic educational landscape.

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