On their 40th anniversary and after recording their best examination results in history, Doha College heralds a new era of British international education in Qatar with the opening of their state-of-the art new campus in Al Wajba.

Completed in just over two years, the new campus is fitted with the latest technology designed with forward-thinking features in all areas of education – including science labs, performing arts auditorium with a LED backdrop screen, two swimming pools with touch pads, flood-lit astroturf pitch, recreation areas shaded by plentiful trees and greenery, and much more.

Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, the efforts of everyone involved ensured that the ambitious project was ready in time to welcome students.

Best Examination Results in History

After two consecutive years, Doha College has once again aced their examination results in various categories this year, as they registered exceptional results across the board. For A-Levels examinations, Doha College recorded 62.4% A*-A, 87.5% A*-B and 98.4% A*-C results, and for (I)GCSE examinations – 74.6% A*-A, 96.4% A*-B and 99.2% A*-C results. These scores put Doha College right up with the elite of international education, commensurate with its High-Performance Learning World-Class award, which they received in 2018.

Doha College students social distancing

Doha College Principal Dr Steffen Sommer said that with the opening of their new campus, Doha College now finally has facilities it truly deserved.

‘Excellence for all, excellence from all’ now has a new home and Doha College is filling these walls with a DNA of 40 years of fine educational achievement in Qatar, opening new horizons for the future. I am so excited for our students to get to new heights with all the opportunities that this new facility now enables them to do.

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