Recently celebrated Jeans for Genes Day made a big impact this year at Doha College. Founded 30 years ago, the organisation raises awareness of the daily challenges faced by those living with a genetic disorder and raises money to fund projects that make a tangible difference to the lives of those affected.

Doha College students and staff wore jeans and made donations as usual, but they were also extremely fortunate this year to have two very special guest speakers.

For two days over Zoom, Jeans for Genes co-founder and trustee Fiona Sandford, and her son Kit Sandford, spoke to Doha College students in online assemblies dedicated to the campaign. Kit suffers from a genetic disorder, but – thanks to the work of the campaigns through the years – he received the support that enabled him to eventually lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Doha College Charities Committee

Doha College has an active Charities Committee, which works with the community to raise funds for various organisations and events throughout the year, like Mental Health Day and Pink Day. They organise periodic campaigns in aid of local charities such as 2nd Chance Rescue and QAWS; individual students also get involved in charitable initiatives in their home countries.

The Doha College Charities Committee
The Doha College Charities Committee

The committee managed to raise over QAR14,700 for Jeans for Genes Day.

Leading up to the day, a group of students offered their time and stayed after school to help decorate and organise the fundraising event. In a statement, Doha College expressed its appreciation of everyone who joined the campaign.

We’d like to thank all our volunteers for making the day run that much better. We’d like to express our appreciation to our own Mr North (PE teacher at Doha College) for making Kit’s appearance possible, and of course a massive thanks to Kit himself, as well as his family.

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