Two students holding the top leadership positions at Doha College, namely Head Boy Henry Barnard Jones and Head Girl Akshaya Chandrashekar, recently represented Qatar at the COBIS Student Leadership Conference at King’s College Madrid, Spain. The conference provides leadership training and develops life skills for students who are ready to begin their education at University.

The Council of British International Schools (COBIS) organise many events throughout the year for staff and students at COBIS schools. The Student Leadership Conference was introduced as a result of other successful educational conferences for students. Students attending the event learned about personal branding, presentation and public speaking skills, creative problem solving, university life skills and much more. To qualify for attendance, students had to be over 16 years old and attending an international British school.

Head Boy Henry said:

I learned so much about all aspects of leadership, from both the workshops and from the other student leaders attending. We had a very engaging session on public speaking where key aspects such as posture, hand movements and eye contact, were addressed. A big eye opener for me was our workshop on the dangers of social media. Not the aspect of E-Safety that we are taught well about in the classroom, but the importance of one’s digital footprint. We are moving into a world where paper CVs are being paralleled with our online image; unfortunately, this is something we start creating at a young age, unlike the traditional CVs that are created knowingly and with maturity. We also got to see a bit of Madrid, which is beautiful, and try some traditional Spanish food; we most certainly did not go underfed! I also met so many fascinating people from all around the world.’


Akshaya, Head Girl at Doha College also took a lot away from the event and will share her new knowledge with fellow Doha College students. She added:

The workshops that stood out to me were on Digital Networking and Digital Legacy and Coaching. As of now, Henry and I are planning on delivering assemblies on some of the topics we believe are essential for students to be aware of, such as what a Digital Footprint is, why it is important and how it will affect them in the future. Apart from lots of photos, I have come back with some absolutely wonderful experiences and memories and hopefully made some long-lasting friendships.’

James Conly, Vice Principal Student Services, who accompanied the Sixth Form students to Madrid, explained the benefits of the weekend training:

Doha College invests a lot of time and effort to continuously improve the development of our students and staff, and this is key to school improvement. As a result, Doha College is recognised globally as a reputable educational institution in the Middle East. It was excellent to be able to assist Henry and Akshaya in developing their skills, and we will now encourage them to disseminate this training to their fellow students.’

COBIS was set up over 30 years ago and has a membership of 203 schools internationally including Doha College. For international schools, they offer a tightly knit global community with access to training, professional networking opportunities, security and coordination, as well as representing the institutions with the British Government, educational bodies, and the corporate sector.

Established in 1980, the college was proud to celebrate its pearl anniversary in 2010. Originally opened to meet the demand for a British-style education, the institution continues to operate under the sponsorship of the British Embassy on a not-for-profit basis.

There are over 58 different nationalities represented within the College, and the school’s vision is to be one recognised as one of the leading international schools in the world.

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