Following the success of their own Medical Conference in February, Doha College students recently participated in the third Medical Conference hosted by Park House English School.

The after-school event consisted of five schools who put forward teams of students following weeks of independent study, to present their findings to an esteemed panel of judges at the conference. The audience was witness to remarkable presentations on ground-breaking topics such as ‘Gene Editing CRISPR Technology and Xenotransplantation’ by Qatar International School, ‘ASO Therapy’ by Park House English School, ‘Genetics: Finding a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes Through Stem Cells’ by Doha British School, and ‘Alzheimer’s Disease’ by Sherborne Qatar.

Doha College Students Emerge Victorious At The Park House Medical Conference.

Year 11 Doha College students Matteo Franceschi and Nina Nair claimed second place for their research on the topic ‘Yellow Fever – An Infectious Disease’. Their presentation involved an in-depth exploration of the disease and the various measures of its possible eradication.

The topic ‘Genetic Modification in Cancer Treatment’, presented on by Umar Siddique and Sameen Anodiyil, also Doha College students, was declared the winning presentation at the medical conference. The first place students researched the use and effectiveness of CAR T cell therapy in the treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and confidently presented their findings in a logical and audience-friendly manner.

Doha College takes every opportunity to support Qatar’s 2030 National Vision, which affirms a commitment to healthcare, by encouraging its students and equipping them for a career in the medical profession.