Two reputable education organisations of the highest international calibre – COBIS and BSME – recently awarded three Doha College students for their exceptional contribution to school and community life.

Lamya Adam
Lamya Adam

BSME – British Schools in the Middle East – present an annual ‘Ed Goodwin Award for Exceptional Service’ to students who have brought an exceptional contribution to their local or global community. This is an accurate description of 14-year-old Lamya Adam, the worthy Doha College student who received the Qatar award this year.

For the past decade, Lamya has collected books, clothes, toys, etc to donate to people in need back in Sudan. She frequently donates to a pair of twins who survived a fire but lost their parents, and also enjoys keeping children who are in hospital happy. During her frequent hospital visits, Lamya plays with younger children when they are bored or comfort them when they are upset. She also plays the piano for guests and teaches sick children who are interested to learn.

The ‘Council of British International Schools’ Student Achievement Awards give COBIS schools the opportunity to recognise outstanding achievements by students on a global scale. The two Doha College students who received this honour were 11-year old Erin Kim (Year 6) and 15-year-old Gwen Yap – both exceptional assets to the college.

Gwen playing the violin
Gwen Yap playing the violin

In school, Gwen leads the Doha College Symphony as its Concert Master and mentors junior students. She features in rock band competitions representing Doha College as drummer in the all-girl band ‘Petrichor’; she is a uniting, galvanising force within the school musical community and brings musicians together for various events.

Within the wider community, Gwen has supported the Doha Community Orchestra for many years, playing the violin in a prominent role. She now leads the newly formed ‘Doha Strings’ – a high-level community string orchestra consisting of adults.

Her younger peer Erin, who shared the same distinction, has exceptional attainment across the entire curriculum; she is also a prefect who regularly comes into school early to complete duties around school. Erin is an integral part of the DC Word podcast team and takes a lead role in presenting on, and producing podcasts and broadcast across the school. Above all, Erin is a role model of the highest standard and volunteered her weekend at a national school sporting competition to support her peers.

Doha College is immensely proud to nurture such students and its holistic High Performance Learning educational approach, encouraging values such as ‘concern for society’, ‘creativity and enterprise’, ‘risk-taking’ and ‘collaboration’, which all support the school in moulding students who make a lasting contribution to global society.

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