Doha College rocked last week to the sound of six student bands competing to win the Battle of the Bands 2014 competition.

This sell out competition saw bands from across Years 8 – 13 compete for the Battle of the Bands winners’ title. Three independent judges scored each band as they performed one song from a range of genres including acoustic, hip-hop and rap, rock and heavy metal. Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Music Teacher and Competition Founder, Alberto Sorrentino, said:

This is our fourth year running this competition and each year we see more bands and more schools coming forward to compete. Students who play in bands tend to continue throughout school and take part in a range of events. Last year’s Battle of the Band winners ‘Masters of the Machines’ set up in Year 9 and stayed together throughout their schooling years. Last year they won Doha College’s 2013 Battle of the Bands and also went onto win the International Battle of the Bands competition and even played at the Tribeca Film Festival at Katara. We are working with the British schools in the Middle East (BSME) to engage with even more schools across the MENA region and beyond to offer more students a chance to play and develop their own music and be part of a band.

Alex McRobbie, Kieran Robinson, Iona Gibson, Petar Avramovic, Peter Engelbrecht and Aufar Laksana form the band ‘2Metal4Water’ rocked all the way to first place with a great rendition of Skillet’s Not Gonna Die. For their version 2Metal4Water blended classical music from a violin played by Petar Avramovic with death metal sounds. The lead vocalists also switched parts with some of the male lyrics being sung by Iona Gibson whilst the male vocalist Alex McRobbie gave us some death metal growling.

The band will now represent Doha College at the International Battle of the Bands in February 2015. As the 2Metal4Water band explained:

We can’t believe we actually won. It will mean more work to prepare for the international competition but we’re ready. We’re undecided on what song we will perform as we have such varied musical tastes therefore choosing a song we all agree on will take a lot of discussion. Hopefully we can reach an agreement soon!

Doha College initiated the Battle of the Bands competition four years ago to raise the profile of music and allow students to develop their own bands, play great music and perform to an audience. Each year the competition has grown to encompass more schools from across the MENA region. The winners from each school’s Battle of the Bands then compete at the International Battle of the Bands competition held annually in February.