Doha College celebrated its first ever community Iftar at its West Bay campus organised by the Arabic department, with a phenomenal 300 parents from various nationalities and ethnicities bringing a dish to share, and the potluck-style meal made for a very successful and culturally diverse evening.

Doha College Iftar

Celebrations began with Doha College’s Leadership Group and Arabic team receiving guests and welcoming them with a speech in Arabic. Following this was the traditional breaking of fast with dates and prayer.

Excited children dressed in traditional and very special attire enjoyed Garangao treats donated by DC families Al Khalaf and Aldarhem. Delicious dishes that parents prepared were laid out in a spectacular spread for all to share.

Doha College Iftar 2

Doha College Principal Dr Steffen Sommer expressed his thanks to the Arabic department and head of primary for organising the event, as well as the Friends of Doha College parent committee for their contribution to the evening.

The month of Ramadan is a fantastic opportunity for our community to come together and share a meal in the spirit of togetherness, friendship and love, which is what the essence of Iftar is all about.

It was particularly important to be able to participate with our fasting community and embrace the innate idea of worshipping by giving up ingrained habits. We felt a closer bond between us than ever before.’

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