Qatar Green Building Council, the national operator of the Eco-Schools programme in the country, recenty organised the first ever edition of what will be an annual event ‘Qatar Eco-Schools Congress 2019’.

The event was attended by 171 students, 40 teachers, at least 27 schools, and 13 exhibitors. The event aims to create a networking gathering between schools and the community, to offer a platform where they could share experiences and best practice, as well as challenges and solutions on their journey to become a Green Flag awarded school.

Doha College, the first in Qatar to receive the Green Flag from the Foundation for Environmental Education (the Secondary school in 2016, and the Primary school in 2018) brought valuable input to the congress, sharing their experiences and what they have learnt so far as first Green Flag bearers.

DC primary students created a video called ‘I’ve Got the Power’, which showed the changes the students hoped to see in the way we treat our environment. Their video went on to win the trophy of the category and brought back to school the ‘Maker Majlis SDG Award’. SDG stands for sustainable development goals, and the award recognises civil society organisations, private sector leaders and individuals who have advanced SDG on the global stage.

The congress, which focused this year on energy, water, food and biodiversity, offered a live application activity to healthy food choices and food waste.

To learn more about the environmental education at Doha College, visit their website at