Children, parents and staff at Doha English Speaking School have been undertaking many fun activities at the school to raise funds for their chosen charity this year, Qatar Creating Vision.

The school dedicated two days of activities towards raising funds for their chosen charity and this year this included ‘Big Dream Day’ where children thought about the profession they would like to enter when they are older and dressed up accordingly in exchange for a donation towards the charity. 

On the same day, parents visited the children to talk about their own work.  Parents in professions – doctors, architects, pilots, military service personnel and journalists – all spoke with the children.  It was a truly inspirational day.

Dr Brenda Strandvik, one of the parents, who is a doctor at the International Medical Centre Doha said:

What fun to be part of ‘Dream Big Day’ and share with the children the privilege of being a doctor. I particularly enjoyed the children’s interesting questions and the joy on their faces as they heard their own heartbeat through my stethoscope for the first time. The children were all polite, respectful and it was a pleasure to be involved in the day. Well done DESS!’

Matt Richards, a Major in the Royal Engineers was very thankful to the parents who supported the initiative.

It was interesting to blow away many preconceptions about the military. Some of the girls were particularly intrigued that there are women in the Army and that there are so many roles open to them.’  

 The children were able to take part in many exciting and fun activities in exchange for donations made to the school.  Activities included a disco, purchasing second hand toys, sporting challenges, henna painting and much more.

Visit their website for more information about the school’s fundraising initiative.