Doha Festival City is reopening their theme parks to the public this January, after months of closure due to COVID-19. Theme parks Angry Birds World, Virtuocity and Snow Dunes will welcome back visitors, adhering to 50% capacity following the guidelines set by the State of Qatar. 

Doha Festival City theme parks are owned and managed by Leisure.

The reopening of the theme parks are scheduled in three phases. The first phase started earlier this month and included the reopening of outdoor playgrounds and kids outdoor games. The second stage starts this week and will include the reopening of electronic games and trampolines. On 24 January, theme parks will be fully operational with the opening of bouncers and inflatable games.

All theme parks will adhere to the most stringent safety measures to ensure visitor safety. All staff across the theme parks also received a thorough training and will conform to protocols. All visitors will be required to show their Green Ehteraz status (small children are exempted), their temperature will be checked (those with temperature exceeding 38° Celsius will not be allowed) and everyone are expected to wear medical masks. Visitors should maintain a safe distance of two metres.

According to Leisure Managing Director Sherif Elbassiouny, all measures implemented will provide customers with a fun and safe experience, which is their number one priority.

Employees of the three theme parks will oversee social distancing, with signs installed across the parks. The theme parks will also be sanitised regularly and hand sanitizing stations are installed throughout.

Play and Edutainment Centres 

Doha Festival City’s play and edutainment centres – Caboodle and Spark Sense & Play – will also reopen with several restrictions in place, following the mall’s official safety guidelines. The two play centres will be open during mall hours.

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In addition to the opening of the theme parks are Doha Festival City, this month will see the opening of other theme parks and entertainment facilities throughout Doha. 

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