The Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) will hold its 2016 general assembly in Doha rather than as originally planned in Rio de Janeiro.

This is the first time the ANOC has held its general assembly in Qatar and the date has also been moved from April to November to allow for the ANOC Awards Gala to recognise achievements from the 2016 Olympic Games. Holding the General Assembly later in the year will also avoid a clash with the SportAccord Convention, which is expected to take place in April.

The General Assembly will include 207 National Olympic Committees from around the world and hosting it in Qatar further solidifies its world-renowned reputation as an excellent host of major events.

It will not be the first time the Olympic host has not also been the venue for the preceding General Assembly, with Rio de Janeiro itself having held the 2000 edition rather than Sydney before Moscow held the 2012 event instead of London.

The ANOC event would also be another major opportunity for Doha to showcase itself as a host of major events with an eye to a potential Olympic and Paralympic bid at some point in the future, following the decision not to launch a bid for the 2024 Games.