If you are you looking forward to getting back to practicing sport and training… Doha Sports Park is the perfect place for you!

Now that Phase 2 has begun and more COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, outdoor training sessions are allowed to take place. The only stipulation is that the training class must be limited to 10 people.

Photos courtesy of Doha Sports Club

Situated at the famous Doha Golf Club, this world class sporting facility offers state-of-the-art football, rugby and event pitches in the most idyllic surroundings. Doha Sports Park (DSP) is a unique multi-sports and activities venue which envisions to provide high quality sports pitches and facilities that are affordable and can easily be booked through the Book-Pay-Play system.

This system is unique in Qatar and provides customers with a straight forward process for booking and paying for pitches.

Photos courtesy of Doha Sports Club

The park also operates as a youth development centre, with an internal rugby club being formed and other local sports academies using the facility as a base. With golf coaching also onsite at the Qatar Golf Academy, DSP promises to become one of the best sports learning facilities in Qatar.

Now that government restrictions on outdoor training have been eased, Doha Sports Park is hoping to re-open it’s training facilities although any activity needs to be restricted to training only rather than full contact games.

But if you would like to see the park open again, and go training, please email [email protected] with the following information:

  1. Are you interested in booking 7-a-side, half pitch or full pitch?
  2. How many hours per week and preferred days
  3. Duration of booking (Just July or throughout the summer)

If the feedback is positive, Doha Golf Club plans to open for bookings from 5 July and, hopefully, the bar and restaurant will open soon after!

To find out more information about Doha Sports Club please visit their website by clicking this link. You can also call 4496 0444, or for more information about Pitch Hire click here.