María Marte lands this week in Doha from Santo Domingo to prepare an eight-course menu of culinary delights. She is the winner of two Michelin stars in Madrid and the top chef of the Dominican Republic, a country already famous for its music, landscapes and protected areas — with more than seven thousand endemic species, its infinite kilometres of white sands bathed by turquoise waters and above all, its charming people.

Maria Marte westin doha

Chef María said:

It’s an honour for me to represent my country in preparing this exclusive dinner to conclude the First Dominican Week in Qatar. It will be an opportunity to enjoy the best Dominican gastronomy, which I have spent all my life promoting, getting me two Michelin stars as well as the National Prize for Gastronomy in Spain.

The Dominican Republic is the top tourist destination of the Caribbean, receiving almost seven million tourists in 2019. It is also the top culinary destination, with exquisite flavors, a variety of homegrown ingredients and the talents of creative chefs catering to the most demanding tastes.

The Westin Doha General Manager, Ammar Samad is delighted to host the renowned two starred Michelin Chef Maria Marte, as she takes over Hunters Kitchen to create an exclusive culinary experience showcasing a fusion of flavours of the Dominican Republic, Latino and Mediterranean cuisine.

Qatar Airways Senior Vice President – Qatar, Ehab Amin added that the Dominican Republic is a prime tourist destination and Qatar Airways is proud to support this culinary event, helping strengthen the link between the State of Qatar and the Dominican Republic.

Maria concluded:

I thank Ambassador Federico Cuello for the initiative and the invitation; and to Qatar Airways for flying my team and myself on their splendid planes and of course to The Westin Doha for hosting us. We hope to see you on Sunday, 15 November at Hunters. It will be a unique experience filled with flavours from my country as well as Latin and Mediterranean ingredients.’

When: Sunday, 15 November at 7:30 pm
Where: Hunters Room & Grill
Price: QAR550 with soft beverages or QAR750 with enhanced beverages
For bookings, call 3359 8514

Dominican Chef María Marte is the only female Latin American winner of two Michelin stars as well as the National Prize for Gastronomy in Spain.

Her innovative and in-depth knowledge of the culinary techniques, mixing Dominican, Latin American and Mediterranean cuisine, are part of her rich gastronomic culture, gathering her multiple accolades and recognition.

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