For the first time in Qatar, contracting company Domopan awarded six Doha College students for excelling in STEAM activities. STEAM is a group of disciplines which – when linked together – contribute to the creation of an entrepreneurial mindset. The integration of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics aims to teach students innovation, to think critically and use engineering or technology in imaginative designs or creative approaches to real-world problems.

The ceremony was attended by Domopan CEO Fouad Hamdan, and logistics manager Bassem Tawfik, who handed out the prizes and the certificates in the presence of Doha College leadership members and proud parents.

The deserving awardees were Rena Ghani (nominated for science, art, maths), Reem Ibrahim (science and maths), Oliver Llynn (art and computer science), Hannah Consunji (science and maths), Akash Deshmukh (science, design and technology, maths and computer science), Umar Siddique (science, maths).

Domopan Awards Doha College Students

Dr Steffen Sommer, the Principal of Doha College, stated:

I am exceptionally pleased that Domopan, our main construction company for the new campus in Al Wajba, offered to issue awards to the students whom we had identified as top achievers in the various STEAM areas. The award was quite substantial, as Domopan decided to offer QAR1000 worth in vouchers for the students to be able to buy books and/or equipment relating to the STEAM subjects, thus putting them in an advantageous position to move on to further studies, be it at Doha College or at university, and to eventually move into related careers. This is the highest award ever to be issued to individual students at Doha College, and it cements our fantastic relationship with Domopan. I am impressed as an educationist that the CEO of Domopan is so heavily engaged in promoting the knowledge and skills that lead to engineering. This is good news for Qatar, good news for Doha College and good news for Domopan. I am now aware of anyone in Qatar ever having done that.’

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