Katara has announced the opening of the  exhibition ‘Disorder’ by İrfan Önürmen which will feature his abstract artworks from now until 27 October at the Katara Gallery in Building 18. Önürmen was born in Bursa, Turkey and is a leading figure in modern art in the country, where he has produced exceptional artworks over the last 20 years using a variety of media that include canvas, newspaper and tulle as well as installations.

As the first Turkish artist to exhibit at Katara, ‘Disorder’ will feature pieces created through multi-layered compositions of abstract forms and figures from mass media content, Islamic ornamental art and symbols from daily life. Based on contrasts, between black and white, symmetric and asymmetric, the exhibition explores the themes of order and chaos. Önürmen’s unique approach to the geometric abstract ornamental art of the East will come alive in his first solo exhibition.

Önürmen will be the first artist of the International Artist in Residency Program which has been developed and supported by Katara Art Studios. The programme serves as an educational platform where knowledge exchange will be promoted and encouraged between the International Artists in Residence, the guest artists, and Qatari artists.

For more information, please visit their website.