The mangroves in Al Khor may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Qatar but it provides for an interesting weekend getaway from the Doha traffic. 

Al Thakhira

Located about 50 kilometres from Doha city proper in the coastal town of Al Khor, you can enjoy a pleasant view of the mangroves from Al Thakhira beach, a coastal stretch with an approximate length of ten kilometres. Though much of the seashore is sabkha (salt flats) and quite treacherous when wet, the beach offers an interesting mix of old shoreline, outcrops, desert and a front seat to the Gulf’s bird scene.

Purple Island

From Al Thakhira, you can head straight to the Purple Islands and enjoy the surprising greenery of the country’s mangroves. If you’re expecting to find purple, brace yourself for disappointment. Not only is the island ‘not purple’, it also is ‘very green’. But it remains one of the most interesting places to visit in Qatar. Wondering how it got the name? Find the answer here.

You’ll find mangroves and rock formations which should give you plenty of backdrop for a good selfie.


Tours and Day Trips

There are various tour companies in Qatar offering day tours and trips to the mangroves of Al Khor. The latest issue of Marhaba Information Guide will provide you with a list of options (complete with contact details) to choose from. The mangroves are great to see from a kayak, and you’ll be able to explore the winding channels and admire the birds amidst the greeneries.

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