A joint operation between the General Directorate of Drug Enforcement (GDDE) in Qatar and the Polish Police and Customs Services thwarted an attempt to smuggle 5.8 kilogrammes of heroin, following the framework of international cooperation to combat drug trafficking.

MOI Drug 1The Polish authorities arrested the accused and seized the drug that he tried to hide in the wall of his bag.

The International Communication Section of the Department of Studies and International Affairs of the Drug Enforcement Directorate received an information about the attempt of a European national to smuggle narcotics into Polish Republic through the Warsaw Chopin Airport.

The administration took all measures in accordance with international conventions and laws in coordination with the relevant bodies in Poland. The Polish authorities thanked the State of Qatar, represented by the Ministry of the Interior and the GDDE.

Major Mohammed Abdullah Al Khater, Director of the Department of Studies and International Affairs at the GDDE stressed the importance of international cooperation and coordination in drug control and prevention.

Qatar is exerting every effort to support the international community in addressing this serious scourge.’

GDDE, in cooperation with all concerned bodies in the State adopts an integrated and balanced approach in line with the principles and provisions of international conventions concerned. He added that the directorate is keen to continue coordination with other countries, organisations and institutions concerned to combat drug trafficking.