Dusit Doha Hotel, set in the heart of West Bay/Al Dafna, has brought the true essence of gracious Asian hospitality to complement Doha’s fascinating blend of local traditions and business innovation.

The Dusit Ramadan Iftar menu is a masterpiece of cultural appreciation of local custom with a mouthwatering choice of local Arab and Middle Eastern traditional dishes that will excite your taste buds and satisfy your appetite.

Dusit Doha ramadanAfter the traditional amuse-bouche of drinks, dates and dried fruit, you’ll progress from the ever-delicious and nourishing lentil soup, to the exciting and mouthwatering variety of hummus, mutable, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh and fattoush dishes that make up the ubiquitous mezzeh of the middle east. Did you ever taste a salad so tasty and so healthy? There’s a reason these dishes dominate and Dusit Hotel in Doha knows how to get it right.

There are also hot mezzeh dishes to choose from: take your pick from tempting kibbe, samosa, fatayer or cheese rolls. Now do take care, you could be getting satisfied or fulfilled by now but your main course beckons. The choice is cruel: Butter Chicken is so creamily scrumptious but the traditional Ouzi or Machboos with its slow-cooked lamb may equally seduce; the Arabic Mixed Grill will be first choice for committed carnivores but, again, the marine equivalent, either Samak Harra or Shrimp Masala, could be your best catch. But only plants can save the planet, I hear you cry, and that’s fine too as the excellent Eggplant Moussaka will spare you any further pangs of hunger for the rest of your day. The choice is indeed cruel, but whatever you choose will be succulent and scrumptious.

Dusit desserts are so delicious, but here for me there was no choice as my favourite fruit tarte was right there. But others are sure to love the Dusit Um Ali, or after the flavoursome yet filling dishes you have just devoured, may settle for the clean and refreshing fruit salad finale.

Enjoy a tasty Iftar experience delivered right to your doorstep! The culinary team at Dusit Doha Hotel, have prepared various items, pairing International & Middle Eastern specialties, ranging from cold and hot mezze, fish, grilled meat and ouzi to ensure your Iftar is a memorable one.

When: Whole month of Ramadan
Prices: QAR159 per person
1 Soup, 2 Cold Mezzeh, 1 Hot Mezzeh, 1 Main Course, 1 Dessert
Including Dates, Dried Apricots, Laban & Jallab

QAR210 per person
1 Soup, 2 Cold Mezzeh, 2 Hot Mezzeh, 1 Main Course, 2 Dessert
Including Dates, Dried Apricots, Laban & Jallab

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To order, call 4004 4444 or WhatsApp 3129 7415 or [email protected]


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