Education Above All Foundation (EAA), a global education foundation, with the support of its strategic partner, the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), announces a new partnership with Birzeit University through its Qatar Scholarship programme. This initiative will provide 927 full scholarships to deserving Palestinian students for the 2023–2024 academic year, supporting their pursuit of higher education at Birzeit University.

The Qatar Scholarships programme marks a significant part of EAA’s global effort to foster educational development, designed to support marginalised and academically excellent Palestinian youth and people with special needs. This programme underscores a shared commitment between EAA and Birzeit University to facilitate access to higher education in line with Sustainable Development Goal 4, specifically SDG 4.3, which promotes equal access to affordable and quality education.

Talal Al Hothal, Director of the Al Fakhoora programme, emphasised the transformative impact of the scholarships: ‘Education is a critical lifeline in the West Bank, where students face numerous challenges that can hinder their development. By providing these scholarships, we are aiding individual students and investing in the broader fabric of Palestinian society. We aim to equip these young scholars with the necessary education and opportunities to thrive, enriching their communities and fostering growth and prosperity throughout Palestinian society.’

Birzeit University will offer scholarships as part of this programme across various disciplines, ensuring a comprehensive educational opportunity for the students. The scholarship covers full tuition and includes support through academic and student services, fostering an environment where students can thrive academically and personally.

President of Birzeit University, Dr Talal Shahwan has highlighted the importance of this partnership with Birzeit University: ‘Partnering with the Education Above All Foundation represents a significant milestone for Birzeit University in our enduring mission to provide top-quality education to all Palestinians. This collaboration enhances our capacity to offer scholarships to a wider range of students and solidifies our commitment to academic excellence and social equity. Together, we are building pathways for our students to succeed and contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for Palestine.’

The Qatar Scholarship programme is poised to impact many young individuals’ lives profoundly. This initiative enhances their personal prospects by equipping them with the necessary tools for success in a competitive global landscape. It empowers them to contribute significantly to their local communities and the broader Palestinian society. Through education, this initiative fosters the next generation of leaders, innovators, and thinkers who will drive growth and prosperity throughout the region. Together with Birzeit University, the Education Above All Foundation reaffirms its commitment to transforming lives and uplifting communities through the power of learning.

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