To celebrate the spirit of Ramadan, Education Above All (EAA) Foundation launched its second Ramadan campaign in Qatar, under the theme ‘no child left out’, to raise funds for their two programmes – Educate A Child (EAC) and Reach Out to Asia (ROTA). These projects assist marginalised and impoverished children and provide opportunities for increased access to educational facilities and resources.

The launch of the Ramadan campaign was announced this week during a press conference attended by dignitaries and officials from EAA Foundation. Funds raised from the campaign will support EAA projects across 16 countries worldwide.

EAA Ramadan Campaign 2EAA has also partnered this year with Lulu, Marriott Hotels, Exxon Mobile and Qatar Airways to increase reach and visibility. Donations can be made through donation boxes at 60 locations in Qatar, in shopping malls and in cash counters in Lulu and Carrefour supermarkets, by calling 4454 2288 or through the EAA website. Payments made through credit card, cheque, or through the personal Ooredoo Mobile Money Account are accepted.

Qatar TV will also be organising a special episode for the EAA campaign which will be aired on Wednesday, 15 May, during its programme HAYATUNA, to spread awareness about the EAA global programmes and projects. The campaign will be covered on Qatar Radio on Layali Ramadan programme.

EAA Foundation is also eligible to receive Sadaqah and Zakat donations. Its Ramadan campaign raise funds for several projects in Somalia, Gaza, Lebanon, Turkey, Mali, Pakistan, Iraq, Qatar and many other countries.

According to Mohamed Al Naama, Senior Representative of the Fundraising Department at EAA Foundation, the EAA Ramadan Campaign is focused on increasing awareness across the Qatari community.

We are pleased to receive support from our partners for this noble cause as we believe that change can only happen if we take a unified approach and  work together. Our mission has always been to get closer to the public and invite the more affluent audience to take part in the EAA mission. I believe that such campaigns can help us reach out to the masses and spread the need for a peaceful society which is driven by the power of education.’

EAA Foundation, through its leading programmes, continues to successfully implement educational projects in partnership with international and local institutions and organisations in various countries to enable children access quality education and support their communities.

EAA aims to build a global movement that contributes to human, social and economic development through quality education, with particular focus on areas affected by poverty, conflict and disaster. The campaign is hoped to create a strong buzz around Qatar and among people during Ramadan.

Visit for more information about the Ramadan Campaign.