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One of our food reviewers is a coeliac and has been impressed with the increased awareness of food allergies and lifestyle choices by restaurants in Qatar. For some diners it is a necessity to know the ingredients in dishes; for others, they may be embracing a more vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

So with that in mind, we have asked hotels and restaurants around town to explain how they are catering for diners with special requests. Here is what some of them have to say:


Banana Island Autumn

The hotel has a ‘Gluten Free’ corner during breakfast and have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options at their buffets (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and on their menus. The restaurants can cater for all allergy requests. There is no separate menu but common allergen/meat information is marked on all menus.

Diners can provide advance notice of special requests, but it is not necessary.

Once they come to the island, one of the Senior Chefs will meet them to learn more about their dietary requirements and accordingly will prepare food.

The kitchens have a separate table and separate cooking utensils to make sure there is no cross-contamination.

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All of the hotels’ buffets and menus are tagged with the necessary dietary information. Depending on the outlet, some advance notice is required – if you wish to ensure your needs are met, it is always best to call ahead.

There are separate preparation areas in the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination.

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intercon doha

There are many outlets to choose from that offer different, gluten-free and vegan-friendly meals. The hotel’s servers are fully prepared, in order to offer the appropriate dishes for any discerning guest. Feel at ease to dine in the hotel as the dining options have been prepared to be as flexible as possible for diners.

Menus contain full allergen and component markers for the guest’s information. Advance notice is preferable but the culinary experts are always ready to provide suitable meals for guests.

Food safety is of utmost importance in their kitchens, and the hotel strictly adheres to HACCP standards.

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The restaurant has many dishes without gluten and for vegans – the menu is very clear with allergen information for each dish. There is also the fresh market so that diners have the option to choose any fresh item and cook it in different ways, as they prefer.

There is no separate menu but the waiters have full training – they are knowledgable about the menu so that they can reliably inform the guest what they can safely choose.

When there are calls for bookings the hotel’s agent will ask if there are any special requests and this will be added to the booking notes.

The kitchen has separate preparation and cooking areas and complies fully with health and safety.

4449 3744,


Westin- Hotel Exterior

The hotel always offers options and in most cases, the chefs will be happy to talk to the guests about their specific needs and create dishes for their wellbeing. There is no separate menu, as the hotel prefers that chefs work directly with guests and the teams to avoid any mishaps and cater to the right needs.

Diners don’t have to provide advance notice of special requests unless it is for a big party, eg. at brunch and large events, just so that the teams can have their requirements ready.

The hotel uses separate utensils to ensure no cross-contamination. This is ongoing for all cooks take courses in allergies/dietary concerns.

4492 1555,

Important Note: Please check with the hotel before you confirm your reservation.

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