Skyline Automotive – the official distribution partner of the Hyundai Motor Company in Qatar – has announced the arrival of the first batch of the eco-friendly Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid which was launched at the Qatar Motor Show in April 2017.

The arrival of the award-winning and industry-leading vehicle marks a landmark moment for the eco-friendly car segment in Qatar, as the global record holder in fuel emissions enters the market. The availability of the IONIQ in Qatar also means that car buyers and enthusiasts alike are able to make more environmentally-conscious decisions when it comes to their means of mobility, as well as be a part of a movement led by Hyundai to innovate, engineer and design the future of mobility.

And there is no better time for the IONIQ Hybrid to come to Qatar as the country takes impressive steps towards supporting a clean and healthy environment through the recently-announced ‘Green Car Initiative’ – an MoU agreement signed between the Ministry of Energy and Industry, Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa). The MoU seeks to find ways of supporting the use of eco-friendly vehicles in Qatar as part of the country’s commitment to future generations.

Commenting on the arrival of the IONIQ Hybrid, Paiman El Malla, General Manager of Skyline Automotive, said:

The IONIQ Hybrid represents the first step towards the future of mobility in Qatar through its advanced technology and best in class fuel-efficiency, and fits in seamlessly with the country’s broader ‘Green Car Initiative’ – which we hope to play a major role in by ensuring that eco-friendly alternatives are available for consumers in Qatar.’

He continued:

We are really excited to offer the IONIQ Hybrid to Skyline Automotive customers in Qatar, and strongly believe that it will reinvigorate the eco-friendly vehicle segment in the country.’


In addition to its eco-friendly performance and low CO2 emissions, the IONIQ Hybrid is in many other respects the perfect city car, suited to the needs of modern urbanites and representing the future of mobility. These include:

  • Striking Design: The IONIQ’s elaborate design features a number of prominent elements that help give the car a futuristic aesthetic unlike any other hybrid on the market, which finds itself right at home against the backdrop of Qatar’s ever-evolving modern skyline. This includes a signature hexagonal radiator grille that features computer controlled flaps that close automatically to improve aerodynamics, LED Daytime Running Lights that add a stylish and high-tech look to the car and deliver maximum brightness, and a rear two-tone bumper that adds a sporty touch and provides continuity with the front end design. Working together, these elements help the IONIQ Hybrid achieve a low coefficient of drag that allows it to quietly glide through city and highway roads alike while achieving the best fuel efficiency.
  • Driver-focused Interior: The IONIQ’s interior is simple but intuitive, packed with innovative features that are perfectly suited to the needs and routines of city dwellers. These include wireless phone charging, a 4.2” color LCD screen that displays a wide range of useful information, and a carefully thought-out center console that provides enough space to hold all the travel and technology gear we travel with today.


  • Smart Performance: The IONIQ Hybrid combines two engines – a 32kW electric motor and a Kappa 1.6-liter Atkinson GDi engine – which it switches between seamlessly through a highly advanced predictive energy management system that collects and analyzes data based on travel routes, driving style and habits to optimise energy storage and alternate between electric and gasoline propulsion modes to improve fuel efficiency. In addition, the car’s batteries have been mounted underneath the seats, helping the IONIQ attain an exceptionally low centre of gravity that enhances agility and helps make the car fun to drive. These adjustments have enabled the IONIQ to automatically optimise fuel-efficiency irrespective of road conditions or driving style.

The IONIQ Hybrid is available at Skyline Automotive’s B-Ring showroom, open during Ramadan every Saturday to Thursday from 8:30 am– 1:30 pm, and from 8:30 pm to midnight – and on Fridays from 8:30 pm to midnight.  Visit Skyline Automotive – Hyundai Qatar website for more information.

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