As part of the on-going process for the development and creating awareness for different cultures in Qatar, Katara Cultural Village – along with the assistance of Ecuador’s Embassy in Qatar and Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) – is showcasing the unique culture of Ecuador.

Ecuador is located in the northwestern part of South America. The Spanish word Ecuador means the equator in English as the country is located on the equator.

Cultural expression helps foster respect and understanding between individuals and groups with different identities, thereby helping to resolve or prevent conflict. This aspect is constantly being brewed in Katara and will further enhance collaborations and relationships between the two countries and their people – by deepening mutual understanding.

The vibrant, colourful and extravagant Ecuadorian Festival will be packed with various fun-packed cultural entertainment including concerts, ballets, parades, exhibitions, art workshops, documentaries, movies screening, animated interactive videos, food festival, handicrafts market, wild life, birds depiction area and a kids zone.

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Date: Tuesday 22 October – Saturday 26 October 2013

Time: 5 pm – 10 pm

Location: Katara Esplanade, Amphitheater and Building 3


For more information, visit Katara’s website.