El Jaish Club announced on 1 August 2013 that the repatriation of the late Ecuadorian football star’s body, Christian Benitez, took place at 12 pm in Doha International Airport.

A tribute was arranged by El Jaish Club and was attended by the El Jeish team and management, Hani Ballan the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, and the late footballer’s family.


A jersey was given to the later player’s wife along with a DVD of the last match in which Christian Benitez played in.

Saoud Al Mohannadi, General Secretary of Qatar Football Association said:

The last few days have been very tough for us. We lost a legend in the football community here in Qatar and are devastated by this tragic loss. El Jaish players and management are still shocked and devastated by such news. The ceremony today is to mourn a great player that has left behind a legacy in the football community not just locally, or regionally but also internationally. He was much more than a football player and has influenced football in a tremendous way.’

He added:

Christian was a great player who passed away too soon. We express our sincere condolences to Christian’s family, wife and children, friends, fans and the football community. His sudden departure hasn’t been easy on anyone and may God give his family strength in this very difficult time.’


El Jaish Pays Tribute to Christian Benitez in Match Against Al Shahaniya


El Jaish Team held a banner in El Jaish versus Al Shahaniya match of Sheikh Jassim Cup that took place in Al Khor Stadium. The banner had a picture of the late Ecuadorian star football player, Christian Benitez, and a meaningful message from El Jaish Club that said ‘Christian Benitez, we will miss you’.