Sheikh Saif bin Abdullah Al Thani: 96% of Cash Dividends Transferred Directly to Shareholders’ Accounts

Edaa proudly announces a historic achievement in the Qatar Stock Exchange landscape, with an unprecedented 96% of cash dividends seamlessly transferred directly to shareholders’ accounts, amounting to a staggering QAR26.6 billion.

This remarkable milestone underscores Edaa’s pivotal role in revolutionising dividend distribution in the financial markets, cementing its position as a trailblazer in facilitating shareholder value.

‘Edaa has set a new benchmark in dividend distribution efficiency, with an unparalleled 96% of cash dividends swiftly reaching shareholders’ accounts by the end of May 2024. This monumental achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to enhancing shareholder experience and fostering financial transparency,’ Sheikh Saif bin Abdullah Al Thani, CEO of Edaa said, emphasising the significance of this accomplishment.

Highlighting the collaborative effort behind this milestone, Sheikh Saif bin Abdullah Al Thani lauded the seamless partnership between Edaa, Qatari banks, and listed companies. A total of 52 companies have joined forces with Edaa to streamline dividend distribution, signifying a unified commitment to investor satisfaction.

Edaa’s success in executing direct cash dividend transfers was made possible through strategic collaborations with six leading banks, ensuring rigorous adherence to IT standards, financial protocols, and shareholder management practices. These partnerships paved the way for a seamless transfer process, prioritising shareholder convenience and security.

To further empower shareholders, Edaa orchestrated comprehensive awareness campaigns, including seminars and communications initiatives, to guide shareholders through the process of updating their information. Additionally, Edaa established a temporary branch at Mall of Qatar, facilitating efficient data updates for shareholders.

Recognising the evolving needs of shareholders, Edaa introduced a user-friendly service on its website, enabling more than 20,000 shareholders to effortlessly update their banking information. Plans are underway to expand these services to the Edaa app, underscoring Edaa’s commitment to delivering unparalleled convenience and accessibility to its stakeholders.

Edaa’s ground-breaking achievement not only sets a new standard in dividend distribution efficiency but also exemplifies its unwavering dedication to empowering shareholders and driving sustainable growth in Qatar’s financial landscape.

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