The Qatar Foundation Gift Shop at Education City will be showcasing products that are handmade by children at the Orphan Care Center Dreama, in a collaboration that aims to provide young creative minds with an opportunity to share their new experiences and advance their artistic journeys.

Fatima Al Hammadi
Fatima Al Hammadi

According to Fatima Al Hammadi, Head of Internal Care Department at Dreama, the initiative offers a solid support for children at all levels, and stimulates creativity by giving them a safe space to express their passion, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Al Hammadi explained that the pandemic meant that children are working hard to manage their time – to strike a balance between their studies and hobbies.

I applaud the initiative of Qatar Foundation to display our children’s work at the Education City Gift Shop. This initiative allows our children to gain more confidence in their abilities and skills.

Among Dreama’s priorities are supporting and encouraging talents, paying attention to artistic and other capabilities, expanding knowledge, and making optimal use of leisure time, according to Al Hammadi, so that Dreama children can become active contributing members and influencers in society.

A key goal for Dreama is the social integration of children – ensuring that they are accepted in society – and the partnership with Qatar Foundation is an important step in that direction.

The opportunity that our children have – to display their artworks at the Education City Gift Shop – surely increases their confidence and belief in their abilities.

Many of the art pieces produced by the children – aged between 11 and 18 years old – portray elements of national identity and heritage, while others are drawings on porcelain cups and trays.

One of Dreama’s 16-year-old children, says he looks forward to having his work showcased at the Education City Gift Shop.

Art is a way to express what is inside us. It helps us discover different ways of expression. Although I practice drawing as a hobby, my dream is to become an artist in the future. Art helps me know what I want to do in my life, and this will help me to build my future.

The boy feels happy and grateful that the management at Dreama recognises his talent and encourages him to develop it. It shows Dreama’s dedication to providing each of their children with the opportunity to express their creativity.

Another child from Dreama – an 11-year-old girl whose hobby is to draw – said she uses summer as inspiration for her art, colouring ceramic cups and decorating them with butterflies and trees.

The Education City Gift Shop is a space for artists and designers from the local community to showcase their work. Those interested in displaying their products at the shop can send a proposal with images, quantity, price, and timelines to [email protected].

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