Education City Golf Club (ECGC) recently commemorated Women’s Golf Day by hosting two interactive podcasts. The online discussions, featuring local and international players, examined the game, the benefits of the sport, and how the ECGC is helping to grow the game among female players in Qatar.

Women's Golf DayThe first podcast featured a discussion with Solheim Cup Captain 2019 and 2021 Catriona Mathew, and ECGC General Manager Michael Braidwood. The second podcast meanwhile, featured the very first female professional golfer in Qatar, Yasmian Alsharshani and ECGC Sales and Marketing Manager Gordana Popovic Vincic.

The World Women’s Golf Day this year featured a virtual golf day last 2 June broadcasted live by Education City.

Catriona Matthew spoke about her achievements as a professional female golfer, along with her growth in professional golf through years. She said that the biggest change she have seen, especially among ladies in golf, is how much more global the game has become. Getting golf included in Olympics again has really helped, she added.

Previously on the LPGA Tour, there were five or six countries represented, with the vast majority being American, few Europeans and Japanese.

Now, I think there are 29 different nationalities. There is a big expansion of golf in countries in the Middle East and Asia where golf was not as popular before.

One of the missions of Education City Golf Club is to grow the game of golf, including the female sector, which is one of the most untapped. The club is well equipped to introduce people to the game, with expansive training facilities.

Braidwood explained how they are encouraging women to try golf for the first time. He said that one of their biggest ‘thing’ to get women playing is going to the corporate world and bringing organisations to the club for team building sessions.

It is great fun for employees, and by the end of the day, they all tried golf and saw the facilities. Many then come back with their families and friends.

The Ladies Only section has been designed to cater to groups of women requiring total privacy. The changing rooms have an entrance door to a secluded putting green with bunkers and chipping surround. There is access to the double-ended studio, which gives users the chance to hit long shots up the range and chipping to the short game area.

Yasmine Al SharshaniYasmine Al Sharshani was also impressed with the Ladies Only area at ECGC. She said that the Centre of Excellence is a wonderful section of the club.

It has a private space for women and a female professional is on hand to teach. All ladies are welcome to try the sport – no matter the age or fitness ability, and they (can) learn in a safe and private environment.

To encourage young people to get involved in golf – and the industry – Braidwood highlighted the uniqueness of the sport, and includes many different jobs, including coaching, golf retail, management, and club fitting.

Women’s Golf Day has become a global movement and celebrates women and girls learning golf, as well as being part of a larger international community. The second part of the ECGC celebrations will be a physical event on 1 September, which aims again to engage female golfers, as well as those interested in trying the sport for the first time. The event will include a ladies only tournament and complimentary lessons, as well as a networking session.

Vincic, the club’s Sales and Marketing Manager, is also encouraging all women – golfers and non-golfers – to stop by the Education City Golf Club, see the facilities, learn something about golf, and make new friends.

There is no dress code, just wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes or flats, and we will provide the equipment.

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