Education City Golf Club (ECGC) has been developing a robust golf development programme for kids over the past few years. The programme now sees over 100 children actively playing and learning golf.

In 2020, the golf club introduced a junior programme called the ‘Play to Par’ which was designed to focus on providing children with a ‘playing’ mindset by setting targets and goals for progression. As the child improves and develops their golf skills, the targets get stretched to progressive attainable levels by introducing course playing skills.

ECGC Commercial Bank Par 3 Junior Pro AM 2

Commercial Bank Par 3 Pro AM

With the support of Commercial Bank, the time has come for children to take their game from the practice range to the golf course with the introduction of a tournament on the Par 3 Course. This Pro AM tournament is seen as a key component in developing and encouraging children to play golf on the course with local PGA Professionals.

The Commercial Bank Par 3 Pro AM, created to support the development of children golfers in Qatar and was played on 25 June. A friendly, socially distanced competition was held to end the school calendar year, with four participants in each group.

ECGC General Manager Michael Braidwood said that since the inception of the Education City Golf Club, they have been committed to growing the game of golf in Qatar. Working with the values of Qatar Foundation, he said that they use a holistic approach to developing golf with the programme.

Our approach has now developed further, introducing tournament golf for children and with the support of Commercial Bank, the vision of creating a future golf star is on the horizon!

Tournament Winners

First Place:
Anthony Caira Pro, Daniil Sokolov, Elizabeth Dodds, Abigail Doods, Roland Guo / -15

Second Place:
Alex Day Pro, Cameron Clark, Gabriella Franklin, Jake Franklin, Zamaan Zubair / -14

Third Place:
Nico James-Visser Pro, Douglas Thomson, Ewan McLoughney, Joshua McLelland, Zayaar Zubair / -12

  • Nearest the Pin Hole 1: Emile Gonzalvez
  • Nearest the Pin Hole 2: Daniil Sokolov
  • Nearest the Pin Hole 3: Roland Guo
  • Nearest the Pin Hole 4: Roop Chodha
  • Nearest the Pin Hole 5: Emile Gonzalvez
  • Nearest the Pin Hole 6: Maya Markovic
  • Nearest the Pin Hole 7: Ryan McLoughney
  • Nearest the Pin Hole 8: Chloe McLelland
  • Nearest the Pin Hole 9: Jack Tobin

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