Poseidon Dive Center (PDC) and the Education City Golf Club (ECGC), recently hosted the Poseidon Dive Center Summer Open, a fun and engaging golf tournament which brought together over 80 individuals from the diving and golfing community in Qatar. 

PDC was founded in 2011 and is ranked the number one dive centre in Qatar. PDC Founder and Managing Director Hani Chehab, who was speaking on behalf of his team, was grateful to ECGC for the opportunity to sponsor the successful event.

He said that the tournament was one for the books as it brought the golfing and diving community together, introducing diving to golfers.

We surely hope there will be more collaborations soon, and make each one better than before.

Tournament Winners

  • First Place: Juho Lee (40 points)
  • Second Place: Mohamad Suhaimi Kasim (40 points)
  • Third Place: Naem Lachman (40 points)

For updates and more information about the Education City Golf Club, visit ecgolf.com

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