Education City Stadium is a 40,000-seat venue that sits in the heart of the country’s dedicated area for some of the world’s leading universities, the home of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, and is adjacent to Education City Golf Club.

The design draws its inspiration from Islamic architecture, with a façade that features triangles forming complex, diamond-esque geometrical patterns which seemingly change colour as the sun moves across the sky, with an eye-catching colourful light show at night.

The sides of the stadium envelop the pitch, helping the advanced cooling system to operate. An integrated water and energy control and monitoring system manages real-time consumption, and the environmentally-conscious design and construction help reduce the stadium’s carbon footprint. In January 2019, the stadium received a 5-star design and build rating from the Global Sustainability Assessment System.

A number of green construction practices have been employed: More than 55% of the materials used for the stadium came from sustainable sources and 28% of construction materials have recycled contents. The surrounding precinct incorporates drought-tolerant and native species of plants in 75% of the landscaping.

After the World Cup, Education City Stadium will donate 20,000 seats to create sporting venues in developing countries. In legacy mode, the venue will suit the needs of students, faculty and other members of the Education City community by becoming a sports, leisure and social hub.