HE Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry, presided the 16th Annual Qatarization Review Meeting of the energy and industry sector. Dr Al Sada delivered the keynote address during the event, while the welcome message was delivered by Hamad A Al Hammadi, Chairman of the Strategic Qatarization Committee.

In support of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy 2016-2020, the meeting attendees witnessed presentations highlighting the energy and industry sector’s progress in managing its Qatari human capital strategies.

The meeting was also attended by Saad Sherida Al Kaabi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Petroleum as well as by senior executives and representatives from the 37 participating companies in the sector’s Strategic Qatarization Plan. Also present during the event were senior executives from Qatar’s education community.

In his opening address HE Dr Al Sada said:

Qatar National Vision 2030 strongly advocates the development of Human Capital to build a strong knowledge based economy, adding that we must continue the effort to attract, motivate, develop and retain Qatari nationals. ‘

‘The current economic climate should not blur our vision, or restrain our aspirations to realise our Qatarization goals. Let me assure you that, despite the current economic downturn, Qatar’s economy is healthy and expanding. Today, there are many more job opportunities available to Qatari nationals than ever before.’

As he stressed the importance of technical education, HE Dr Al Sada emphasised the need to build strong bonds between educational institutions and the companies in the sector to ensure that the educational requirements of the companies are met. This has already resulted in many companies signing memorandum of understandings (MoUs) with educational institutions to assist in research and to contribute in evaluating the curriculum of educational institutions.

In his remarks, HE Dr Al Sada was also pleased to see the tremendous efforts from companies to educate young high school and university students regarding the range of career opportunities in the sector.

HE the Minister also used the occasion to recognise three individuals who have provided a strong contribution and support to Qatarization in the energy and industry sector over the years. These were Dr Sheika Al Misnad, former president of Qatar University as well as Abubakr Al Saiari and Roger Gregson, both of whom were from Qatar Petroleum.

As part of the event, a high-level review of Qatarization in the sector was presented by three young Qataris, namely Mais Taha, Reservoir Engineer from Maersk Oil Qatar; Mohammed Essa Al Kaabi, Human Resources Manager Nakilat; and Mohammed Al Amadi, Operating Specialist at Q-Chem. This was followed by an Executive Statistical Report regarding Qatarization in the energy and industry sector.

The 16th Annual Qatarization Review Meeting also featured the sector’s Eight Annual Qatarization Awards ceremony, during which HE Dr Al Sada accompanied by Saad Sherida Al Kaabi, President and CEO of Qatar Petroleum, honoured companies that exhibited Qatarization excellence in 2015.

The recipients of the prestigious Qatarization Crystal Awards were Qatar Petrochemical Company Ltd (QAPCO) for Support and Liaison with the Education Sector; Maersk Oil Qatar for Supporting Qatarization; Bunduq Company Limited for Support for Training and Development, Dolphin Energy Limited for Supporting Student Sponsorships; and, Qatar General Electricity and water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) for Best Qatarization Progress.

Annual Qatarization Certificates were also presented to Qatar Fertilizer company (QAFCO) for Support and Liaison with the Education Sector; Qatar Fuel Company (WOQOD) for Supporting Qatarization; Total E&P Qatar for Support for Training and Development; and ExxonMobil Qatar Inc. for Supporting Student Sponsorships.

The highlight of the event was honouring the former chairman of the Strategic Qatarization Committee Abubakr Al-Saiari who has served 42 years in the service of Qatar Petroleum with continuous dedication and outstanding commitment to Qatarization in the Energy and Industry sector, and 15 years at the helm of the committee.

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