entertech-qatarEnertech Qatar, one of the leading health and safety training centres in Qatar, is actively participating to raise the bar on understanding the benefits of cutting the cost of health insurance expenses by providing quality safety training as measure for prevention of occupational health diseases to enhance the overall well-being and efficiency of the workforce.

Enertech Qatar training centre knows that ‘Safety isn’t expensive – it’s priceless’. While it might not affect the quality of your end product, millions is lost every year in loss of productivity, insurance payouts and medical expenses. Investing in quality training is one of the most important preventative measures for cutting costs for companies, and countries, that arise from injuries and occupational health diseases in the workplace.

Founded in March 2004, the centre meets the growing demand for high quality, standardised health and safety training. Enertech recognises that it needs to react to all the opportunities that Qatar’s continuing development offers and intends to provide the necessary safety training solutions within each and every sector. That is the reason why the centre increases each month with an addition of a new course at offer.


The latest new portfolio added to the list is the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), the Non Departmental Public Body regulated by the UK Government, established in 1991 through UK Act of Parliament. ECITB develops National Occupational Standards, Qualifications and Training Programmes at all levels and in all disciplines for the Engineering Construction industry (ECI) that are delivered through a network of approved and accredited training organisations and approved centre’s. The Enertech Qatar is delighted to be licenced by the ECITB to deliver the ECITB International Health and Safety Passport training scheme within Qatar.

Quality health and safety training, as well as programmes and measures to prevent hazards and accidents in the work place and occupational health diseases, ensure that businesses can reduce their budget costs in the long term as well as creating a more positive work environment for their staff. This in turn leads to greater efficiency, control of costs and higher profits.

Provision of the safety, health and well being of employees and those that live and work in or around any implemented project or the business environment is also a wonderful way for companies to give back to their local communities. The Qatar National Vision 2030, the far reaching national development blueprint, has cited that a healthy population is a fundamental need for a successful nation.

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