Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Development Company, Enterprise Qatar (EQ), is now offering a new SME Rating & Accreditation Programme to assist entrepreneurs and SMEs to capitalise on contracting opportunities and in improving their business processes.

The SME Rating and Accreditation will be an independent certification issued by EQ in collaboration with Dun & Bradstreet.

Enterprise Qatar’s Chief Executive Officer, Omran Hamad Al Kuwari, said:

We are very excited about this programme, which is one of the cornerstones of EQ’s support to SMEs. We encourage all SMEs to apply, as we are in advanced discussions with key Government and non-government companies, as well as financial institutions that are committed to supporting Qatari SMEs and are willing to provide services to rated companies as well as access a growing segment of the business community. This also facilitates the process for all parties involved as it provides a database of rated SMEs by sectors. EQ is extremely pleased to team up with Dun & Bradstreet to offer small business owners this useful Ratings & Accreditation programme. As EQ remains committed to the Qatar National Vision 2030, this new programme will further our efforts towards supporting the diversification and efficiency of Qatar’s national economy.’

Through the implementation of the new programme, EQ aims to help SMEs gain access to government, semi-government and private business opportunities. Through the rating process, SMEs will also be able to  understand  internal gaps and challenges related to their business  and institute required improvements, enhancements and interventions to enhance their business performance, requisitely supported by EQ through its suite of programmes.

EQ offers a range of educational programmes to help build administrative skill, while working with its public and private partners to market the products and services of SMEs. It also creates and provides the various tools that help local entrepreneurs overcome the many challenges of enterprise. EQis the destination for SME 360 and empowers Qatari entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and partnership companies through the provision of advice and support – all the way from conceptualisation, to development and operation.

Manager of the SPX Department at EQ, AbdulBasit Al Ajji, said:

Local SMEs should take full advantage of EQ’s latest programme in order to diagnose their company’s financial and business health. Through the new SME Rating & Accreditation Programme we will help business owners identify areas of improvement to increase their probability of engaging with new local business opportunities.’

SMEs applying for the Rating & Accreditation Programme, will undergo a comprehensive assessment on all aspects of the business including financial performance, quality of management, business model efficiency and efficacy, and market potential. The rating process would include submission of data by the applicant followed by the site visit and detailed interaction with management

Associate Director at Dun & Bradstreet, Prashant Kumar, said:

Rating and Accreditation is a key step in the development of a vibrant SME eco-system. DD&B offers Rating services in more than 200 countries across the world. In the region encompassing South Asia and Middle East, we have successfully rated over 82,000 companies. We have also set up the SME Rating Agency in India in collaboration with the Small Industrial Bank of IndiaWe are extremely pleased to partner with EQ on this flagship initiative and look forward to bringing our experience and expertise to the vibrant Qatari market.’

SMEs can apply for the Rating services on the EQ website. The cost of ratings will be subsidised for actively Qatari managed businesses.

For more information, visit Enterprise Qatar’s website.